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Curating My Soul

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

We spend our lives curating the perfect appearance, wardrobe, career, relationships, home, social media feeds, etc., but somehow, for many, this isn’t enough. When you feel this ping – that desire for something more -- that’s your soul trying to get your attention.

Curate Your Soul was born when I felt the ping to search for answers to my lifelong questions of ‘who am I?’ and ‘why am I here?’ A sabbatical from my consulting work in healthcare PR led me down a path of exploration, introspection and deep discovery that helped me to answer these questions and completely transformed so many aspects of my life.

Along the way, I encountered amazing individuals – intuitive practitioners and healers -- some that became friends or mentors and a surprising number of whom had once been corporate professionals like me! The most beautiful realization was that the answers I’d been searching for were always inside of me, hidden gifts that had been there since the moment my soul entered this world. These beautiful people each led me back to this knowledge in their own unique way. And in the knowing, I found the confidence to begin consciously living my most aligned and authentic life.

The journey wasn’t always easy. This work can be gritty and there is an overload of information that can be hard to navigate. Some days it felt like I was living in another country where I didn’t speak the language. But I was fascinated by this new world, and those in it were fascinated by PR, which they were unsure how to leverage for their own businesses.

So I responded by creating a new PR agency designed specifically with the soul care space in mind. I am using my expertise to help individuals in this space share their soul missions with the world using a process I call Intuitive PR™, an innovative method that is highly personalized and based on each individual's (and their business's) unique energy.

I primarily teach them to become their own publicists, which is a much more sustainable and efficient solution for long-term success. I am a proud entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs in a space that I feel so passionate about. I love sharing my knowledge and feel like I’ve found my soul calling.

I wish for everyone to feel the deep satisfaction of knowing and trusting yourself in order to quantum leap into your highest timeline. I can tell you from experience that it is work, but it is also fun and magical and transformative. If you are getting that ping, the call is there and it will only get louder over time. I am here to encourage you take the first step and I am excited to share my personal journey with you here!

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