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This 30-Day Strategy & Authority Journal is your ideal companion for delving into Human Design, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned practitioner. Strategy and Authority, affectionately known as S&A, serve as your compass to reconnect with your inner guidance system, enabling you to live from your higher mind rather than your human mind. They empower you to navigate life's complexities without the interference of your incessantly analytical mind.


How often do you catch yourself saying things like, "I need to figure out how to..." or "I just need to know..."? Your S&A help you break free from the constant mental chatter that seeks logical solutions and instead guide you to tap into your body's wisdom, which effortlessly flows along the path of least resistance in your life.


Imagine the joy of allowing life to unfold more smoothly, without constantly pushing against the current or relying solely on mental effort.


The 30-Day Strategy & Authority Journal offers you the chance to awaken each day, release the need for your mind to constantly strategize life's direction, and allow the innate wisdom of your body to take the reins.


This Journal Features:

  • In-depth explanations of each Strategy & Authority
  • Practical examples of how to incorporate them into your daily life
  • Thought-provoking reflection questions to deepen your understanding of S&A and personalize their meaning in your life before you embark on your journey
  • A lesson on intention and its role in maximizing the benefits of your 30-day Strategy & Authority experiment
  • 30 days' worth of reflection questions and prompts, your discoveries along the way, and the extraordinary transformations unfolding in your life as a result
  • Extra pages for recording additional insights, lessons learned, and more.


If you're passionate about Human Design, Astrology, Numerology, Metaphysics, or other personality profiling tools, the 30-Day Strategy & Authority Workbook is an excellent addition to your library!

30-Day Strategy & Authority Journal (Fillable PDF)

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