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Curate Your Genius

Personal Business Manifesto & PR by Design

As an entrepreneur, do you KNOW you have an important message to share, but wish for an easier way to find the perfect words to help you stand out and be heard?

Are you ready to uplevel your business messaging, effortlessly create authentic copy that differentiates you, AND bring it forward with PR to reach more people who can benefit from your work?


I'm glad you're here! Because I have something to share that is not your typical messaging & PR course (and will help you ditch any frustration you might be having on this front).


I'm bringing 20+ years of Public Relations, positioning, and messaging experience to help you craft, or strengthen, the core tenants of your business (a.k.a. your Manifesto: Vision, Mission, Values & Hero's Journey Story) and use PR to share it confidently.

But with a twist...

Hi, I’m Amanda. My mission is to inspire a new paradigm of business messaging & PR strategy.

I've developed an approach that merges my two decades of PR expertise with the wisdom of Human Design & The Gene Keys to help entrepreneurs who want to do things differently and stand out.

My Intuitive PR™ process teaches entrepreneurs to develop and execute personalized messaging and PR strategies using tools such as The Gene Keys and Human Design. This allows you to communicate naturally and intuitively and magnetizes the clients that are meant for you. 

We all have personal messaging encoded within us and a specific energetic way we're meant to share it. When we unlock this information, it gets us out of our heads and connected back into the heart-based 'why' behind our work. It also shows us exactly how to put it out into the world for maximum impact.

As entrepreneurs, we've all sat down to write out our Mission, Vision & Values.

Maybe we felt as if we were pulling them out of the ether.

Or perhaps it felt challenging to stare at that blank page and search for words to do our big aspirations justice.

Sometimes we're just not sure if they're ‘our’ words or what we think others want to hear from us.

I'm here to tell you the perfect messages already exist inside of you - and there's a map to guide you right to them.


Life and business become simpler when we celebrate who we are instead of trying to do it like everyone else.


We are magnetic when we embrace and share our natural gifts.


Finding the messaging within us and sharing it in natural alignment allows us to maintain our stability and feel centered on our perfectly charted course.


There's a simple way to create aligned authentic messaging for your business and apply it to your PR and social content in a way that feels good and resonates.


And I'm excited to share it with you.



This course is for you if...

You are a forward-thinking entrepreneur who loves what you do and wants to differentiate yourself so you can stand out and have an even bigger impact. (in any industry or type of business!)

You feel clear on what you offer and confident on the value you provide to your clients but want to find the right words to represent the work you do so you can set yourself apart from everyone else.

You're looking for simple messaging & PR strategies that work for YOU and your specific business needs, versus a one-size-fits-all approach that can often feel frustrating or overwhelming.

You're interested in learning how to use your Gene Keys & Human Design in a practical way to refine your core business messaging and develop a visibility strategy (e.g., PR and social media)

Program Overview

We will take an 8-week dive into your Gene Keys Activation (Genius) Sequence and aspects of your Human Design chart through a beautiful combination of self-exploration and practical business application. You'll leave with clear business messaging that resonates and a strategy tailored to you and your unique energy, so you can communicate your work to the world in a bigger way. 

Program Details


  • Next session dates/time TBD

  • 8 live group classes (2.5 hours each)

  • Online group access to connect as a community and receive feedback on your writing between sessions

What the Course Covers

  • A deep dive into your Gene Keys Activation Sequence to unlock precise language around…

    • Your Mission

    • Your Vision

    • Your Core Values

    • Your Hero's Journey Story (e.g. the story you tell on podcasts or on the stage)

  • A practical and simple approach to take your messaging and use it for PR & other content

  • How to leverage your Human Design to create effective PR outreach strategies

What You'll Walk Away With

  • Concise message to describe your work with clarity and ease for networking, website copy, pitching, social media, etc.

  • Clarity around what keeps you grounded and stable in your life and business.

  • PR strategies and tools to pitch yourself to media & podcasts*

  • An awesome feeling about what you’re putting out into the world!

*You'll receive incredible bonus materials such as my PR eBook & Tool Kit, loaded with free PR resources and simple places to pitch yourself. Plus access to deeply discounted 1:1 PR/messaging coaching sessions throughout the course and the month of August.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Joy Foley is a PR strategist and consultant with 20+ years' experience. She sees what makes people magnetic and guides clients to unlock their personal messaging and PR strategy using Human Design & The Gene Keys. So many entrepreneurs are tired of being told there's one way to be successful and stand out. Amanda believes people value personal truth and connection over a carefully curated image and she inspires clients to break the mold and lead from the heart. This approach puts the joy back into messaging & PR by showing it doesn't have to be one-size-fits-all or feel hard. Amanda offers 1:1 PR strategy sessions as well as group classes. She also works within the Human Design and PR communities to introduce audiences to her unique Intuitive PR™ method. Connect with Amanda at or on Instagram @curate.your.soul

QUESTIONS? Reach out to

Kind Words from Messaging by Design Students

 Amanda's knowledge of both PR and Gene Keys came though and being able to turn it into something tangible to put out in the world was so helpful. Before this course, I wasn't how to explain how I help people. Now I feel so confident in what I do and I'm excited to start using everything I've learned!

~Kerri C

You are a f*cking killer PR expert AND you know Gene Keys so we trust your knowledge and wisdom!

~Alana K.

I'm so grateful for all of your expertise and want to consume all of it! I'm also incredibly grateful for your expert feedback in the Facebook chats. Thank you!

~Tracie S.

Your knowledge is amazing! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your warm, supportive energy with us all. I walked away with a knowing that I hold the keys to my success and that the more I embrace being “me” the more freedom I will experience in my business and life.

~Alicia H.

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