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You put your


into your business

Let's curate your unique message and strategy.
So you can  be seen,  simply for being you.

I work with people who are breaking the mold...

My passion is partnering with visionary entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing their industries. I specialize in building connections with aligned media that can amplify your presence and provide incredible platforms to share your game-changing perspectives.

My strategies are based on personal energetics, so you can promote your business authentically

and gain exposure in a way that feels good and attracts the right audiences.


I take a limited number of 'Done for You' and 'Done with You' clients ~

provide PR-strategy services for entrepreneurs who want to leverage PR for themselves ~

and offer positioning, messaging and pitch writing support services.

Intuitive PR

for Soul-Led Businesses


 in·tu·i·tive [adj] using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.


Intuitive PR™ is an innovative and highly-personalized approach that is grounded in each individual's unique energetics using systems such as Human Design and the Gene Keys. This approach empowers you to embrace your story, show up as your truest self, and communicate your offering confidently and in alignment, which feels good and allows you secure earned media coverage with news outlets and podcasts.

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